“Made in Hong Kong” brings together all local creative talents.

Our purpose is to promote the artistic products and techniques from these innovative minds.

“Made in Hong Kong” aims to not only make a statement across Asia but also be known internationally.

'香港製造' 團結香港創意行業從業員,


讓香港鄰近城市, 東南亞以至國際,

了解我們 "香港製造"

Funky Town Annual Show 2021

Performance Theme: (5) Colour of the World.

It is more than just a hair show.

Performers, being the professionals in their own field, has taken

The audience a special journey through music, singing and art.

演出主題 :5光十色

一眾香港創意行業, 髮型, 音樂, 化妝, 攝影,

時裝從業員, 透過音樂和故事,